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Adoption Training, Profile, Website, & Advertising Package

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*Please note that the following costs are not included in the package described above and are not subject to any discount:

  • Profile printing costs $15 each plus approximately $15 shipping per address
  • Website URL costs are approximately $18 for 2 years
  • Your advertising budget is entirely at your discretion. Most adopting parents invest at least $700/month, but we’ll discuss tradeoffs at different investment levels so you can make the best decision for yourself.

Adoption eLearning Courses

We are a leading provider of eLearning adoption courses that are economical and effective. Our adoption training programs are skill-based sessions. You will come away with actionable skills to improve your chances for a faster and safer adoption with the right birth family.

To move from a basic awareness of ideas through their implementation, the following are included with each course:

course notes


other downloadable materials

Profile Coaching & Graphic Design

You need to know what to say and how to say it, but you also need to know how to present it.

It matters how your adoption profile looks. If your adoption profile looks like all of the others, few expectant parents will invest the time to read it. The same holds true if it looks too cluttered. You will also lose opportunities to strike a connection with potential birth parents if your adoption profile looks like a flashy marketing brochure.

Your adoption profile must catch the reader’s eye, draw them in, and be easy and entertaining for them to read. Our Adoption Profile Coaching & Graphic Design Service focuses on these objectives.

Learn more about our Profile Coaching & Graphic Design Service.

Adoption Profile Design

Website Development

Like the rest of us, expectant parents and their support network are on the Internet learning about adoption. What you may not realize, however, is that they also use the Internet to find and learn about adopting parents like you. If you do not have an adoption website, then you are missing opportunities to more quickly connect with the right birth family.

If you lack the technical skills, time, or both, let us take care of this for you. Those template-based site builders you may find out there are slick, but they lack the necessary design flexibility and metadata that will get your adoption website noticed.

Learn more about our Adoption Website Design & Development Service.

Adoption Website

Website Hosting

A website hosting service makes your website files available to anyone on the Internet. If your website files were just on your personal computer, no one would be able to view your site. Placing the files on a server that everyone can access is a necessary step in the website development process.

Our hosting service includes:

  • 2 years of website hosting
  • 2 years of text and photo tweaks to your website
  • 2 years of security and bug fixes to the underlying software for your website

Learn more about our Website Hosting Service.

Website Hosting - My Adoption Advisor

Online Advertising

As great as your adoption profile or website may be, if the right expectant parents don’t see it, it doesn’t matter.

Today’s generation of expectant parents are looking for adopting parents online. Our online adoption advertising campaigns place your adoption ads in front of expectant parents at the exact moment they are exploring adoption and looking for you.

Imagine someone searches for “I want to place my baby for adoption,” sees your ad, and then clicks on it to visit your website. That’s exactly how this works!

Learn more about our Online Advertising Service.

Adoption Online Advertising Google Ads

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