Affording Adoption & InfertilityThere is a great article titled Baby or Bust: Infertile Couples Turn to the Web to Raise Funds for IVF. The article shares stories about some families who experienced infertility and struggled to afford treatments.

Unfortunately, the challenges with affording adoption are just as common. Both infertility treatments and adoption can cost tens of thousands of dollars and the high cost is a real barrier for many adopting parents.

What is unique about the article is the creative ways that families came up with to pay for their treatments. One family created a blog to share their struggle with infertility. They also asked for, and received, donations. Nearly $6,500 in donations! Another couple held a photo contest and charged entrants $10 each. A third family used Facebook and Twitter to invite their families and friends to a special wine-tasting fundraiser. Nearly 150 people paid $35 each to attend the event and in combination with a silent auction of items donated by friends, the couple raised more than $8,000.

If you want another idea, read about the family that held a successful garage sale.