Adoption Print Classified Ads

Newspaper Adoption Ads

Placing adoption classified ads in newspapers is an old-school approach for finding your future child’s birth family that can still work today. This is true whether you are pursuing a private or independent adoption or working with an adoption professional who provides matching services.

We help adopting parents create and place unique, noticeable adoption classified ads in newspapers across the U.S.

We know which newspapers prohibit adoption classified ads (even in states that permit them) and can place your ads in hundreds of newspapers across the country with one call, one order, and one invoice.

The Cost of Classified Ads

The cost of placing a print ad varies considerably based on the state, the number of newspapers, and the total circulation of those papers.

You should be prepared to pay between $100 and $500 to place one adoption ad during a 1-week period of time. That one ad may be placed in 30 newspapers or 300 newspapers, depending on the state. The greater the circulation, the more you pay.

Any type of advertising, including adoption advertising, requires repetition; therefore, you should also plan to place adoption ads for several months at a time and not just once or twice.

The bottom line: A reasonable budget for placing print adoption ads for 4-5 months is between $1,600 and $8,000.

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Adoption Classified Ads Process

We follow this 7-step process for creating and placing your adoption classified ads to ensure you invest wisely using this approach.

Adoption is expensive and advertising is just one of many expenses you’ll incur. The first step in this process is for you to develop a complete adoption budget and see how much money you want to invest in your classified ads.

Some states prohibit the use of adoption advertisements and every state has their own adoption laws regarding legal risk periods, birth mother expenses, and birth father rights. Work closely with a knowledgeable adoption attorney to identify the states in which you want to place your adoption ads.

We will adhere to your budget and list of states to develop an achievable plan that maximizes the visibility of your adoption classified advertisement.

The most important element of your adoption advertising campaign is the classified ad itself. A generic “Looking to Adopt” ad pales in comparison to a creative ad that highlights your most unique qualities. The good news is that 90% of the adoption ads out there look alike. Your ad will stand out!

After we finalize your adoption classified ad, we will verify pricing one last time and send you an invoice to place your ad.

We’ll work with our print and online media sources to place your adoption ads for you.

Adoption ads that work result in phone calls, emails, and/or website traffic. It’s important that you track these results and thoughtfully adjust your adoption advertising approach over time. Without doing this, it is difficult to intelligently make adjustments to your ad copy, targeted states, number of runs, etc.

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