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You never get a second chance to make a first impression. From the start, your adoption profile must stand out from the thousands of other profiles out there.

Although it may feel good when your family and friends give you positive feedback about your adoption profile, typically the comments do not identify missing information, offer an unbiased critique of your photographs and captions, provide recommendations regarding your use of anecdotes and your overall design, and advice about avoiding common mistakes.

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You need this feedback to dramatically strengthen your adoption profile. Everyone benefits from a fresh perspective and honest, direct feedback. We will give you both written and verbal feedback and take the time to answer all of your questions.

Adoption Profile Professional Review

The Adoption Profile Professional Review is a 3-page written summary of our feedback that highlights areas where your profile excels, as well as areas where further refinement would make a significant difference. After you review our written feedback, we will schedule a call to answer your questions and further discuss ideas for strengthening your adoption profile.

We will provide specific recommendations in these and many other areas:


Most adopting parents think that the purpose of the adoption profile is to share information about themselves. This is true, but it’s not the only purpose of the adoption profile. In addition to sharing information about yourself, you must also create an image in the reader’s mind of what life will be like for their child as a member of your family. Authenticity is about accomplishing these two things in a sincere and honest way.

Photographs & Captions

The photographs and captions you put in your adoption profile are often the determining factors as to whether or not someone reads your profile – not chooses you to parent, but READS YOUR PROFILE at all. At a minimum, expectant parents make initial judgments based on your photos.


Your profile is more memorable and more interesting to read when you show your values, loves, and personality through anecdotes, stories, and pictures. Do not simply report facts when you can tell a short story.

Many adopting parents tell us that our Adoption Profile Professional Review offered the exact input they knew they needed, yet were struggling to get—even from their attorney or social worker.

Bill & Ana

“Thank you Hal…for everything! Ana and I have been amazed by the services you provide. I can’t thank you enough for being a key player on our ‘dream team!’

P.S. We plan to adopt more children, so this is not goodbye.”

Lori & Dave

“Thank you so much for your feedback. After sleeping on it for a night, we’ve got all kinds of new ideas about what we can do with our adoption profile. I have no doubt it will be much improved. Also, I really like your relative ranking format as a way of organizing your comments. It helped highlight the things we need to work on most. Thank you again! We’ll keep you posted!”

Laura & Kara

“I just wanted to shoot you an email to thank you for all of your hard work in getting our awesome profile and website together. It all came together so nicely and really caught our birth mom’s eye. She loved everything about it and liked having the Internet presence (Facebook, website, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) to really help us come alive. It set us apart from everyone else.”


“My wife and I worked with My Adoption Advisor to modify our adoption profile and picture book and it wasn’t long afterward that we were chosen by a birth mother and father and brought home our beautiful daughter, Laurel.”

Wendi & Norb

“We have been blessed with a sweet baby girl, Zoey! We had a very fast match and birth. Zoey’s birth mother said that as soon as she saw our adoption profile, she knew we were the ones. She forced herself to read other profiles, but knew in her heart that we were the perfect match for her. THANK YOU very much for all of your wonderful and helpful assistance on our adoption profile! We will continue to recommend you as a great resource in the adoption process.”


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