Online Advertising Services for Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys, Adoption Agencies, and Surrogacy Programs

Google Ads - My Adoption AdvisorThe only way to immediately get on page one of Google’s search results is through paid advertising using Google Ads. Other ad types, like display and video ads, also increase your visibility quickly (and we do those, too!).

Most adoption and ART professionals have experience with Google Ads, so let’s focus on what makes us different. If you want to learn more about Google Ads, however, please schedule a free Google Ads 101 Session with us today.

We focus on the right measures of success.

Some ad agencies only measure ad impressions or clicks. The better agencies measure conversions, like getting someone to submit a form or call you. Your business won’t thrive because you get more clicks or conversions, however. You need paying clients! That’s our focus.

For simpler situations, we can use a spreadsheet to connect calls and form fills, for example, to your assessment of the quality of the lead. For more complicated situations, like running multiple campaigns on Google Ads, Facebook, and the radio, for example, we can set up unique phone numbers for each platform to track your results.

The important thing is to assess the quality of the leads coming in from each campaign (and possibly even down to each keyword), so you can continuously optimize your campaigns and your advertising spending. If you’re not doing this, you are probably wasting time and money without knowing what needs to change.

We intimately understand your business.

We have personal experience with assisted reproduction and adoption. We’ve also managed hundreds of campaigns for individual adopting parents. With us, you don’t have to waste your time teaching us about what you offer, and we won’t have a steep learning curve as your campaign gets going. This means we’re not wasting your ad budget as we learn, like most other advertising agencies.

We guarantee 100% transparency.

You should know where your money is going and more importantly, what it’s returning to you in terms of validated leads. We provide a near real-time dashboard you can access any time, bi-weekly status reports, periodic educational and Q&A check-in Zoom sessions, and anything else you need to ensure your confidence with how you are investing your money.

No contracts.

We will earn your ad business each month or you can leave to find someone else. No tricks. No traps. No contracts. You own your advertising accounts and will add and revoke OUR accesses as YOU wish, not the other way around.

Google Ads is the Only Way to Immediately Get On Page One of Google’s Search Results. We Can Get You There Quickly, So Let’s Get Started.