Stop Waiting to Adopt

Consider Personal Adoption Advertising & Networking

Before I created our eLearning courses, I often led adoption advertising and networking workshops for adopting parents. About 15 minutes into a workshop, I would ask the attendees to raise their hand if they are waiting to adopt. I always got some funny (and concerned) looks. I knew what they were thinking: “Why would I be here if I weren’t looking to adopt?” Within a few seconds though everyone typically raised their hand. Then the fun began.

I asked them what waiting means. People quickly yelled out answers such as “doing nothing,” “standing still,” and “sitting around.” Then I told them that it’s actually worse than that. The word “waiting” literally means “Remaining inactive in one place while expecting something.” Not only are you doing nothing, but you’re expecting something. Ouch!

If your agency or attorney is showing your adoption profile to expectant parents and you are not doing anything else to make your adoption dreams come true, then you are truly waiting.

Some people choose this approach. It’s easier, right? You pick an adoption professional, pay the fee, create your profile, and sit and wait. These families are at a disadvantage, however, when compared to those who are more proactive in their search for potential birth parents.

Don’t get me wrong. Having an agency or attorney working hard on your behalf to locate suitable expectant parents considering adoption is a fantastic approach, but if that is the only strategy you are following, then you are likely missing opportunities to more quickly find your future child’s birth family.

Adoption advertising & networking is for those who want to work hard to build their family. It is for adopting parents who hope their agency or attorney will find a suitable expectant parent for them, but who are not putting all of their eggs in that one basket. It is for people who believe that hard work and a positive attitude create opportunities for success.

If your goal is to adopt, why wait around when you can take action and work toward your goal? If your goal were to find a new job, would you simply hire a recruiter or put your resume on and then just sit and wait for the phone to ring? Of course not. You would strengthen your resume, research companies, prepare for interviews, and most importantly, network with friends and family and market yourself to increase the odds of making that one connection that will lead to your next job. You don’t know who that connection will be ahead of time, but you know that the harder you work, the faster you will find success. Adoption can work the same way.

Given its monumental importance, shouldn’t you work even harder to build your family through adoption than you would to find a new job?

It’s time to stop waiting for something to happen and instead, to start making it happen.

Are you ready to take a more active role in your adoption, but you’re not sure what your next steps should be? Then learn more about our online courses, consider creating an adoption website, or bring potential birth parents to your website through an online advertising campaign.